Friday, 13 September 2013

Week 36


Day 246 (03.09.13) - Sewing patterns at the top of the stairs waiting to be sorted for ebay.


Day 247 (04.09.13)


Day 248 (05.09.13)


Day 249 (06.09.13) - Crossing things off of to do lists is one of the best things to do.


Day 250 (07.09.13)


Day 251 (08.09.13)


Day 252 (09.09.13)

*proceed with caution, person who might have their first cold of the season feeling sorry for herself and therefore rambling ahead.*

*you should probably just leave*

*no, seriously*

I thought about getting rid of this little bit of writing but I think at some point in the future I'll browse through my blog and this will make me laugh so I'm gonna leave it. You should ignore it though. It's dull.

This is a bit of a late upload, I've been lazy. I haven't been blogging as much as I want to lately because it hasn't felt like I actually have anything to blog about and also the daily photos have gotten quite neglected, it turns out I have a limited ability to find something interesting in our home to photograph interestingly when I'm about to fall asleep and remember I haven't actually taken a photo yet. I should probably work more on the 365 photos seeing as I want to be doing them and want something to post and it annoys me that I'm doing a bad job of it. At the moment I'm pretty much just replacing sold items/making stock for Clutter City so I think my brain has shut off and is in some sort of auto mode and I just feel a bit grey and like there's nothing happening.
I dunno, I should just go do something interesting rather than sitting around thinking about how I haven't been doing anything interesting and spiral into a 'the world is against me it's not my fault I can't do anything' teen angst whinge fest which helps no one.

Blah, I'm gonna stop now because I don't really want to go into some big whingey look at all these reasons why I'm having a hard time.
I blame flickr, I'm waiting for it to wake up again after maintenance so I can't sort my photos out.

I also haven't read any blogs for a while, I'm trying to concentrate on work but also I think I need some new things to look at.
If you're still reading this (why oh why are you still reading this?!) then it'd be great if you'd let me know your favourite blogs, something a bit different that I probably haven't come across before would be good.

I'm off to get a good 365 photo before it gets dark.


  1. Hello! I've had this starred in my feed reader for ages but not got to a real computer to comment. It sounds from recent posts like you're doing better, or at least doing good sorts of things :)
    Blogwise: just makes me want to run away to Paris has the kind of detail I always want in interiors photos but barely ever get is my friend so I'm biased but he posts lovely architecture, art & graphics etc

    1. I have to get really worked up about things before I just stop, realise how silly I'm being and then get on with life again. Hopefully one day I'll stop needing to do that.
      All three of these are brilliant, thank you!