Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Week 38


Day 260 (17.09.13) - Will painted a shark.


Day 261 (18.09.13) - Doodling a jellyfish.


Day 262 (19.09.13) - My winnings from an instagram giveaway by @atelier_spunk. I'm really surprised how quickly something can arrive from a different country these days. Magic.


Day 263 (20.09.13) -


Day 264 (21.09.13) - Forever finding boxes and books full of things I've collected and don't want half of anymore and then don't know what to do with the other half. (How could you ever try and erase her?)


Day 265 (22.09.13) - Working massive yarn with a slightly smaller hook for sturdyness kills your fingers but makes for a very sturdy basket. Just so you know.


Day 266 (23.09.13) - Packaging (if you can call it that) my fingerless mittens for the market. Washi tape helps.

Things this week:
Winning a giveaway on instagram and then getting real life post from the netherlands was pretty cool.
I made some bats and fell in love with them.
My eyeball coasters are in this issue (10) of Simply Crochet. One of the top 5 halloween finds on the news page, it's pretty exciting having my name in an actual magazine.

I read Moranthology by Caitlin Moran. I think she's a genius. It mostly made me laugh but it also made me cry when she got all serious about mental illness and benefits. A sign of a good book, laughter and tears.

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