Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Week 39


Day 267 (24.09.13) - Trying out a new idea for an amigurumi.


Day 268 (25.09.13) - For some reason that board feels really good, it's even better to stand on. Especially after cutting and folding a load of new cards.


Day 269 (26.09.13) - This guy needs a name.


Day 270 (27.09.13) - Will's prints getting ready for the market.


Day 271 (28.09.13) - These buttons have been in a half sorted state for far too long.


Day 272 (29.09.13) - Urgh flash.


Day 273 (30.09.13) - Will made himself some bunting.

Things this week:
Finding two loaves of Kingsmill bread for 9p each when you and your boyfriend have a £10 food budget that week is a pretty amazing feeling.
Had a good time at Clutter City, sold lots and met some lovely ladies from a new shop to sell at too.
The weather has been just the right amount of warm.

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