Monday, 7 October 2013

Week 40


Day 274 (01.10.13) - I had an urge to get my peg loom out last week but now it's just sitting on the dining table unfinished while I do other things. Oops.


Day 275 (02.10.13)


Day 276 (03.10.13)


Day 277 (04.10.13) - There are a lot of reasons why I think this photo is rubbish but I actually like it.


Day 278 (05.10.13) - I tried to do a drawing every hour as well as the work I had to do but then Will took me to see Elysium instead. Not complaining.


Day 279 (06.10.13) - Chocolate bread! This didn't rise at all, I think I killed my yeast with hot water so it was the heaviest bread I've ever known but it was still tasty. The recipe is here. I'm not sure how she can use boiling water and make it work because I'm pretty sure that's what went wrong with mine. I think next time I'm going to melt the chocolate separately and then use regular lukewarm water instead. I also feel like I have to point out that I have tried a lot of her recipes and this is the only problem I've ever had and they're all delicious (and cheap!)


Day 280 (07.10.13) - Wrapping up orders for the post.

Things this week:
I've mostly been working on stock this week. Still lots to replace and new things to make but I'm getting there ^_^
I very much want this zine.
We visited Will's sister and had a woodland adventure.
As mentioned earlier, Will took me to see Elysium which was really good and this evening we're off to see Blue Jasmine which I'm really looking forward to. We always go ages without going to the cinema at all, miss loads we wanted to see and then go a few times one after the other to try and not miss anything because we're foolish. It's the only explanation for not going to see films for free.

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  1. Hi :) I've just stumbled across your blog / etsy shop, whilst researching 'knitting zines' for a seminar at university this afternoon! As someone who is big on drawing and yarn, I thought I'd say hello :)