Monday, 16 December 2013

Clutter City ~ Photos, Sketchbook and Christmas Post Info

Clutter City Yuletide Weekend Clutter City Yuletide Weekend

(This looks kind of weird because the stall next to us hadn't arrived yet)

Clutter City Yuletide Weekend

Candy cane pens.

Clutter City Yuletide Weekend Clutter City Yuletide Weekend Clutter City Yuletide Weekend

Yesterday was our day at Clutter City. We got there super early because of our limited bus choices and were one of the first to be set up. This early morning led to me not really looking at the other stalls for want of sitting down but from what I saw it all looked really cool. Will bought some zines which is always a good thing.
It was a lot quieter than I thought it would be but still worth doing. I think it's the first time they've done a Sunday so maybe word hadn't spread very far, I heard the Saturday was busier. We didn't do both days because Will had to work Saturday. In retrospect I should have done both days anyway, I'll have to make some sort of one person carrying plan for any future days Will can't come.
I was pleased with how our table looked and thanks to everyone that did buy something or even just stopped for a good look. It being quiet meant that if you were in my line of sight and staying still I drew you. Or if you were a little girl in a unicorn onesie, because I was jealous.
Now to get all my personal Christmas making done and get as much work done as possible before having a nice big break over Christmas.

If you're in the UK and would like something from my Etsy or Folksy then the Royal Mail deadline for Christmas delivery is Friday 20th. If you order by Friday morning I will post it by Friday and if you order something that fits in a post box I'll post it same day.
If you're not in the UK and/or you don't want it for Christmas then buy whenever you like, I'll still post it as soon as I can even after the deadline because that's how I roll.
If you can see something in these photos that you'd like but can't see in my shops then you can leave me a comment here or email me ( and if it's available I can send a paypal invoice.

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