Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Recents Makes ~ Dino, Octo, Spooko and Humbugo

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'Recent' makes is a bit of a lie, I made the spooky bunting before Halloween and I started making the humbug brooches a fair while ago too. Maybe the definition of recent can apply to that. Who knows.
The dinosaur is Will's birthday present, he's been named Stuart and watches TV with us.
Pink octopus was a custom order for someone on folksy. The octopus' are something I already make, the colour was the custom part.
Don't ask why I have so many pairs of scissors. Nobody knows.
The spooky bunting I made just for us as a bit of Halloween decoration, for the letters I used the moogly alphabet pattern.
Some humbug brooches for that Scrooge you know. These will be at Clutter City with me on Sunday 15th Dec, they aren't listed online at the moment but if you'd like one just let me know.