Sunday, 12 January 2014

Granny Square Scarf for Simply Crochet

Simply Crochet Magazine

Oh wow that's a nice scarf in the corner of that Simply Crochet magazine cover.

Simply Crochet Magazine

Oh look it's made by me!

Ha, yes I'm a fool but also in a magazine so whatevs.

I had the pleasure of designing a slightly modified granny square and making the scarf for issue 14 of the magazine (which turns out is their birthday issue, happy birthday Simply Crochet!).
I can't believe something I made is in on a model in a magazine, I also can't believe I wrote out a pattern that someone else could understand seeing as I'm pretty sure all my regular pattern notes are an indiscernible jumble that only help jog my memory rather than work as a pattern.
But I did it and I'm even working on a couple of new things for them at the moment.
Exciting times :)

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