Sunday, 26 January 2014

Shrink Plastic Fail

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In October I had all the good intentions of figuring out my perfect method for varnishing shrink plastic and then sharing it with the world here but my limited range of experiments didn't find a pen/varnish combination that didn't end up with ink bleed. But here are a few shots that I like anyway.
One day I'll buy all the varnishes and all the pens and try every combination until one works or if you have a winning combination of pen and varnish on shrink plastic then do share. It'd be much appreciated.


  1. I think these look fine & dandy? It's fun experimenting with shrink plastic. What I couldn't figure out was what kind of glue to use for the back of badges I made... superglue came unstuck after a week :( x

    1. These haven't been varnished yet, once they smudged I got in a huff and didn't photograph them lol. I have the same problem with glue too, I've tried a glue gun which sometimes peels off instantly but I have a little camera badge I made for myself and that's still stuck just fine. I tried a glue specifically for hard plastics but that just peeled off too. There's clearly some magic formula out there, we'll just have to keep trying!