Monday, 27 January 2014

Sketchbook ~ Farts

Sketchbook Sketchbook Sketchbook Sketchbook Sketchbook

I'm starting to manage drawings out of my head rather than always needing some sort of reference to look at. In fact all of these were just doodled except for the second guy, in the fancy outfit, I drew him from instagram.
They may not be the best drawings ever but I have a lot of trouble just drawing something without any sort of plan or some sort of reference so at least I'm getting somewhere. Not that using reference is bad but it's got to be a good thing to be able to draw decent pictures without any.
I need to get my watercolours out more often, my sketchbooks are very black and white. Another thing I have trouble with is going back to something, I think I have a short attention span for things. I'm a bit 'done that drawing now. next!' and then never return. There must be something good about that, some sort of spontaneity or something that is good for drawings but also if I don't get it right first time then it stays not right forever and what may have been a good idea for an illustration gets lost. Or, my initial point, if I draw something when I don't have my watercolours to hand then it never gets coloured.
Also, I'd like to learn my watercolours a lot more. I love using them but I don't feel like I quite know what I'm doing. I got myself a fancy new set from Cass with some christmas money so I'm pretty excited about using them.
Practise makes perfect and all that.

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