Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Whipsnade in the Rain 2013


We went to stay with mum and dad for a few days in the new year and spent one of them at the zoo. At first we felt a bit like these guys but once you'd made your peace with the rain it was awesome. It seems the worse the weather the more you see of the animals.

Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade

I also had to come to terms with the fact that it wasn't really a day for photos. Outside it was often too wet to risk my camera and inside was so much warmer the camera fogged up but for my actual eyes it was brilliant. I'm planning to make a zine out of it :)

Whipsnade Whipsnade Whipsnade

When we first got to the elephant house they weren't there. Seeing as my parents are seasoned zoo goers they know that they get taken out for walks on the Downs on the other side of the zoo. Mum had a pretty good idea of where they'd be so we drove round again to find them and ended up getting the best view ever. They were just starting to walk back to the elephant house so we pulled up on the edge of the road and watched them go past and they were so close, no fence or anything, it was really quite something. And they were holding tails!! So cute. All except the brand new baby who was just pottering alongside them. Even cuter! This pic is when they got back to their house, they all have to line up before they get fed. (That small one isn't even the baby, he's tiny tiny and is only a complete blur in all my photos)

Whipsnade Whipsnade

Then mum stopped next to the Discovery Centre so Will and me could go in. She's not so much a fan of snakes so she gave it a miss. We got to see an axolotl in real life! I'd not seen one before, it was so strange, I loved it.

Whipsnade Whipsnade

I had to include these slightly blurry photos of the pygmy marmoset because I just can't believe how small it was. We were looking at some turtles (I think) and suddenly it popped up out of nowhere on the edge of the water and sat next to the window eating. I realise you have no scale in the pics but the food pieces are seriously small and a fun fact: the adults grow up to 11 - 15 cm. Miniature.

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