Sunday, 2 February 2014

Films I Watched ~ January


I am an avid list keeper. I love making lists of all sorts.
I write down all the films I watch, I used to write down all the books I read but now I use Goodreads for that so that my notebooks aren't lists and lists alone.
Then I saw this post on Anke Weckmann's blog and thought I'd have a go with my own. It appeals to my list making ways and I'm hoping in the long run it'll help a little with my typography skills, of which I have few.
I was going to share which were my top 3 but I'm awful at picking favourites and to be honest most of these were pretty good. I was disappointed by Sixteen Candles and The Reef (I was led to believe it would be more about shark attacks but in reality you go ages before even seeing a shark). Burke and Hare was a bit 'meh' but still enjoyable. District 13: Ultimatum was a pleasant surprise, it was actually really funny and everything else I really liked, most of them weren't my first viewing so I knew they were going to be good anyway.

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  1. I love Die Hard! I have seen Burke and Hare recently too, found them ok but not amazing. Just enjoyable to watch yeah. Love how you turn this list into an illustration :)

    Katrina Sophia Blog