Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Illustration ~ The Pug That Ate The Whole World

The Pug That Ate The Whole World
I had a text conversation with Will that was something about a pug that was so greedy he ate the whole world and then the people that were left had to just float around in his orbit and every now and then he'd snaffle one up because although he knew it was bad he just couldn't stop himself.
I entertained the thought of cutting out the pug and tiny people and sticking it to the space painting for about half a minute before I came to the conclusion that it would make infinitely more sense to just embrace photoshop.
Seriously, imagine cutting out those tiny people one at a time and sticking them on. There would have definitely been casualties. And I would have gone insane.
This also fits in with this weeks Illustration Friday topic 'space' which I'm pretty pleased with. I'd been planning to do this illustration for a while and the week before I'd thought about doing Illustration Friday each week but it was Friday again before I'd got around to it and then this topic came up and it all came together quite nicely.

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