Saturday, 1 February 2014


I had my January all planned out. I had a list of stock that needed making which I was going to storm through and feel all smug and accomplished about, then spend some time making my Etsy and Folksy shops look good and finally finish off my website. Then I was going to concentrate on designing brand new items and get cracking with that.
What actually happened was I started on my list of stock and then had two projects for Simply Crochet to make which took a little longer than I had thought but got sent off last week and an order for The Jade Tree which I just finished today. I started the month making stock but I think actually most of that sold during the month and I'm almost back down to where I started.
Lots of work, just not the expected work!


Other things this month:
The issue of Simply Crochet came out with my very first project for them.
Our museum passes turned up.
I had an email from someone who had ordered from me that included a photo of her dog which I loved. Feel free to send me photos of your pets (especially if they come with a note saying you loved what you'd bought from me!).
I got a pair of jeans!! That might not sound like news but I live in skirts and dresses. Other than a pair of denim shorts I have nothing that's really suitable for exploring (and shorts don't really count because I get completely eaten by bugs if I have any skin out). I was forever squatting down to take a photo of something and dipping the back of my skirt in whatever was behind me or not being able to climb something or rummage through somewhere because I didn't want to get snagged. But now I have exploring jeans!! Yay for me!

Maybe February will be the month my website finally gets finished...

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