Sunday, 16 March 2014

Clutter City and a Shop Update

Clutter City

I spent yesterday behind a table with Will at Clutter City trying to pretend I didn't have a massive social anxiety market nervous excitement induced headache. Looking like your head is about to explode isn't good for business.
What this meant was I didn't look around at all but from behind our stall it all looked awesome. Plus I got to meet some lovely people from the interwebs which was really nice, if massively awkward (I'm feeling very sorry for myself and silly today). Maybe no one noticed...

Clutter City

Will made a new zine that's full of sketchbook bits. I love it. Slobber Chops might be my favourite zine name ever.

Clutter City Clutter City

Anyway, it was a good day. Lovely people and we made a profit despite it being a little slow at times so, you know, can't complain.

Hello, I'm Your Innards

I spent today listing new items in my shops and listening to very loud Guns n Roses. I'm pretty sure my neighbours must be sick of my Axl Rose impressions. At least they can't see the chair dancing...

Party Ring Brooches Doughnut Keyring Hotdog Keyring

These are my favourites but there are a few other new bits in the ol' etsy and folksy.

Hello, I'm Your Innards Zine here and here.
Party Ring Brooches here and here, here, here.
Doughnut Keyring here and here.
Hotdog Keyring here.

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