Saturday, 1 March 2014



February felt like a long hard slog but I'm not entirely sure why. That's February in the UK I guess. I don't think it was actually that bad though.


Things that happened in February:
I can't remember where but I'm sure I read something by Sandra Juto mentioning she was wearing wrist warmers in bed when she had a lot of crochet to do the next day to keep her wrists warm and workable (she didn't say those exact words, they have the classic Becky is bad at words ring to them) and I thought I should try it. If I have to crochet all day my knuckles get swollen and sore so I tried wearing gloves to bed on nights that felt especially cold and I think it actually works. I could work longer before my hands started aching. I felt kinda silly sleeping in gloves but if it stops acheyness then I'm all for it.


I got a little obsessed by the Winter Olympics. It was the moguls that did it, I had no idea it existed and it was wonderfully mental. But like every other non sport person that gets gripped by the Olympics and wonders what on earth they'll do with all that time they spent watching people do snow sports once it's finished, I'm totally over it. Feels like that happened years ago. (Looking forward to the Paralympics now though)


The printer broke. It was sad faces all round. We had no idea where to start looking for a new one. It was a tough time. Spent the next few weeks thinking 'I'll just print that ....oh'

I saw the Lego Movie and loved it. Too much. I laughed so loud the whole time. A much needed very funny cinema experience.


I gave my etsy and folksy much needed updates. Stuff had been sitting in my 'photograph for shops' box for far too long. But now it's all listed and I'm working on some new things. I feel all accomplished and stuff.

We got a new printer. Happy faces all round! Funny (stupid) story: We ordered the printer to go pick it up on Tuesday. We cleverly realised the printer description didn't say it came with ink so we ordered ink online and waited for it to arrive. Ink arrived on Friday, we eagerly cracked open the printer box to find all the inks already in there. We are fools. But it's all connected and working like a beautiful printy dream and now we have back up ink all ready and waiting. Prints ahoy!

Also, we got accepted for a stall at Clutter City in March!! Yay! I love me some Clutter City and I had a feeling we wouldn't get it this time (I have no idea why, I was just really worried) but we did and I'm so pleased, I can't wait ^_^

That last photo was taken in The Forum during the Dragon Festival. There was some sort of school kids art competition and I really loved this one. They were all pretty amazing though, kids art always is.

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