Friday, 25 April 2014

Facebook Page

I don't like facebook. I deleted my account a while ago because all it was doing was bugging me. But a lot of people do like facebook and the other day I thought I'd just make a page for those folks as a way to keep updated with my work.
Then I found out you need a personal profile to make a page. I pondered this for a while feeling all mneugh about the idea of being manipulated by Zuckerberg into being one of his 'I'm so awesome look how many people use my website' statistics when I'm not actually using it.
In the end I figured promoting my business is probably more important right now than hating on facebook so I made myself a personal page (that I won't be using) so that I could make a business page (that I will be using) to post updates relating to my work. I won't be posting anything on facebook that isn't anywhere else, so if you don't have facebook you won't be missing out, but people that do use facebook now have an easier way to keep up to date with my goings on.

If you are an avid facebook user then please go have a look at and like/share my page. I'll be posting various work related updates on there as and when they happen.

Thank you :)

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