Friday, 25 April 2014

Sketchbook ~ Bunnies, Badger, Bear

Untitled Untitled

 A brand spanking new sketchbook. I'm getting on quite well with it so far. I think writing the date on the page in other books was stopping me from going back to that page on a different day. So I've stopped doing that and am managing to go back to pages to work on them more. If you're lucky you might see some of these pages again in another post. I don't know why but I think having the date on the page made me reluctant to add to the page because then the date wouldn't be when the page happened or something. I dunno, I'm an idiot. Most of the colouring I've done on these pages was done on different days to the drawing though so not writing the date seems to be working so that's something. I've still written a date at the beginning and then I will at the end so I know when the book was being used but not throughout.

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