Saturday, 10 May 2014

Adventures In Wet Preservation Crab Edition


We found this guy dead on the beach and were amazed it hadn't been eaten by gulls or dogs or anything, it was perfect. Home he came. We gave him a clean and after a quick root around we found a jar that he sat in perfectly and after a quick google we chucked on the small amount of white vinegar we had in the cupboard. It just about covered him and we soon noticed little bits of sand and probably crab floating down to the bottom.


We left him overnight to settle a bit, bought another bottle of vinegar and emptied him out, gave the jar a wipe and refilled him this time right up to the top. He proceeded to float around in his little jar.


Almost a month later he's sunk down to sit on the bottom and is looking rather fancy, if a little creepy, up on our dvd shelf (I moved him near the window to take the photos).

Untitled Untitled Untitled

I'm really pleased with it. Will hates crabs, so naturally he thinks this is really cool. We don't very often come across dead bits to try and preserve, we've got a few bones found under various hedges and such. There's an old hamster cage in the garden just waiting to have something rot down in it so we can collect the bones and I dream of the day we have the money to go on some sort of taxidermy course. This fella isn't a bad start though.

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