Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Films I Watched ~ April

Films I Watched In April
One of the reasons I'm doing these lists is to help improve my typography skills and I had the idea this month to draw the titles from the film posters so that I draw out a variety of types that I wouldn't have done left to my own devices.
I didn't spend ages trying to get them exact, I just thought it'd be a good little exercise. Also brought to my attention that two films about the same book made years apart will have pretty much the same type.
Both the Musketeers films (2011 and 1993) (which just happened to be on TV I didn't seek them out) were a bit meh but fun I guess. The newer one at least looked good for sets and costume but there was far too much 'something just happened, the audience is probably too stupid to realise it, we'll get a character to say it out loud for them'.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid was all about Rowley for me, I loved him.
When we saw how long The Raid 2 was we thought Odeon had made a mistake but it really was that long. And awesome.
I used to think I didn't like Matt Damon except for Dogma. I don't know where that opinion came from, these days I think he's great. Also Heath Ledger and fairy tales so The Brother's Grimm had it all really.
Hairspray is always brilliant.
The Artist was just as good as I remembered it to be.
We first saw The General in The Prince Charles Cinema in London with a live piano score but even at home on dvd it's so so good.
Becky and her amazing review skills strike again.

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