Monday, 12 May 2014

Norfolk and Norwich Festival ~ The People's Tower

The People's Tower

This years Norfolk and Norwich Festival has begun and as ever there are plenty of free outdoor performances (and indoor exhibitions) for us poor folk to enjoy. The first was The People's Tower by Olivier GrossetĂȘte on Saturday. Volunteers built a cardboard replica of the church outside the library and at the end of the day it got pulled down and everyone got to destroy it in a childlike frenzy.

The People's Tower
The People's Tower

When I was there it hadn't been finished yet and was already really tall, especially for something made out of cardboard. I really wanted to spend all day sat there watching it but I had work to do so I just popped over quickly for a peek. I got to see them lift it to put in a new layer which was pretty cool.

The People's Tower The People's Tower The People's Tower

You can watch the tower getting built and then being destroyed here.

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