Saturday, 17 May 2014

Norfolk and Norwich Festival ~ Tipping Point

Tipping Point

We went to see Tipping Point by Kathy Hinde.
"Tipping Point explores the sonic complexities and possibilities of combining water with glass vessels and the resulting frequencies and feedback tones that are created through different water levels. The work will form both a sound sculpture and the basis of a live performance. "

Tipping Point Tipping Point

I took that quote from the festival website because there's no way I was going to explain it myself in a way that didn't make it sound awful. We went in a dark room and there were tubes with water in on stands with wires or something and it was making creepy noises and lights went on and off in the tubes and it was all very creepy. Like something from a sci-fi film.

Tipping Point Tipping Point Tipping Point

It was really cool. I wanted to just sit in the middle of them on the cold, hard floor and be creeped out and relaxed. We're hoping to go back on Sunday for the live performance piece that goes with it.

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