Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bug Hunt


We decided to go out and hunt for bugs so headed out to the meadow and started turning things over. We mostly found massive groups of massive woodlice which was nice enough and big ugly slugs which was not so nice but they have their own gross interestingness.

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Then we stumbled on a field vole nest and woodlice just weren't good enough anymore.


We weren't expecting it at all. We were hoping to come across a slow worm or snake, well aware that we probably wouldn't but it didn't even occur to us we might find some sort of mammal nest. And we didn't just find a mammal nest but the vole actually came out. When Will flipped the log over we could see there was a nest and then briefly saw a tiny little face and we sat there watching it hoping it'd come out again and then it properly did. Wandered out a little way, turned around and wandered back in. There was at least one more just inside the nest moving around too.


The bug hunt went slightly awry and stopped being a bug hunt and started being an oh my god a vole nest adventure but I'm not complaining. I'm still a little shocked that we just stumbled across it like that. Good old nature.

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