Sunday, 29 June 2014

Crochet ~ Triple Trouble


Issue 20 of Simply Crochet has arrived and includes one of my designs. Always exciting to see my work styled and printed all fancy.
When I was coming up with these guys I was thinking about how to make something you could make into what you wanted. There's a basic pattern for the doll and the dress then you can mix them up to suit you. The ears, face details, colours, dress variations, it'd be really easy to make your own one of a kind doll, or three.
As I mentioned here if you ever make anything from any of my patterns I'd love to see it, please send/direct me to your photos :)


  1. Hello Becky!! I love this triples! I´ve croet the Bunny already, but my son destroyed this site, so i can´t chrocket the bear and the cat. ist theree any way to buy this pattern?? online or something?? best wishes

    1. Hi! Sorry for the slow reply, blogger didn't tell me about the comment! I don't think the pattern is for sale anywhere on it's own but I think you can get back copies of the magazine (physical and digital) here:
      but if I remember right the pattern for the three dolls is mainly the same just with different ears. Circles for the bear and triangles for the cat.
      Hope that helps! :)