Friday, 27 June 2014

Crochet ~ A Very Kawaii Cat Army

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My little cat army is complete (for now at least). Here is a little introduction.


Meet Beatrice. She likes nothing more than sitting in strange tiny spaces for your amusement. She's also fond of chasing anything you're willing to drag along the floor.


This is Gus. Gus might look a bit disgruntled but really he's just paying too much attention to the world and he worries about you.


Smudge is a big fan of hiding in boxes that are too small for him and sniffing around empty peanut butter jars.


Haru spends most of her time sitting on the window sill watching the world go by and when no one is looking she likes to sniff snails.


And last but not least, Miss Meowington. She's pretty disapproving of everything you do but still expects you to look after her. Just like a real cat.

I had a lot of fun with these guys and I hope you agree, they turned out pretty cute.

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  1. they are really really cute! considering to get one for myself

    Katrina Sophia Blog