Wednesday, 11 June 2014


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Last night Will went out for his run round the meadow and when he got back he told me how he'd gone round a corner and almost ran into a pair of cows. He gave them a bit of a bum rub and went to carry on his way but then another one came from the other direction and he got a bit trapped which concerned him slightly. The new cow headed for him snorting like a crazy and he wasn't sure what she was doing and then she licked him, the length of his forearm, a few times. When she was done she moved on and he carried on along the path cow free. I'm pretty scared of the cows. I think they're lovely but they're big enough to trample me. After Will's story though I figured they were quite tame so this afternoon we went to see them again.

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I wasn't brave enough to give them a pat due to a mixture of nervouness and not wanting to get licked but I got pretty close. Will's forearm got a thorough licking again and he actually has little graze marks on his arm, who knows what sort of injuries a cow lick would cause a weakling like me.

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