Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Feeding the Ducks. And the Geese and Pigeons.


We had a loaf of bread that had started growing mould so I chopped off all the bad bits and we headed out in the drizzle to feed the ducks. I figured we'd get attacked by greedy geese, give up the bread really fast for fear of getting knocked over and that'd be that. That would have been fine but it turned out so much better. We sat on a bench and fed an Egyptian goose and then her quite grown up babies came over and she stood back keeping an eye on the geese and swans that were in the water while they ate out of our hands! They were quite bold, still a little timid if you moved too quick. It was awesome.

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We thought we'd share the love (and felt a bit bad about giving a whole loaf to a few young ones considering bread isn't actually all that great for them) and headed down to find some other ducks and got bombarded by the prettiest pigeons and a few mallards.

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The pigeons turned out to also be super friendly and not only would eat out of your hand but would sit on your hand to get the food so we got to hold the pigeons. Their underneaths are so so soft. I've got a real soft spot for pigeons so this was the icing on the tasty cake.

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All in all a pretty good start to the day. We even sat for a bit and did some drawing before heading back home for lunch.


Will took these bottom two on his phone so I had evidence of my birdy encounters.

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