Sunday, 1 June 2014



I thought this aloe vera plant was dying but then it started sprouting like crazy. It's got new leaves popping out all over the place now.


I always get an odd amount of joy from cuts and bruises. On myself anyway.

Untitled Untitled

Norwich was looking pretty fancy this month.


This fella went off to Manchester the other day. I love drawing on envelopes.

It totally feels too soon to be June but also the start of May seems like a long time ago.

Other things in May:
I made my version of a Courtesan Au Chocolat, after it seeming like a long time wanting to and it turned out just as I wanted.
Will made himself a blog and also had some designs put up on this temporary tattoo website.
Radeko makes art by taking molds of her vagina and then decorating it in various ways. She's so inventive with it, it's really cool. "Don't be angry. Vagina is just a word." Plus, I think we can all agree a vagina bed would be really comfy.
The Anti-Social Club started with it's weekly creative briefs. My entries are here.
I managed to blog every day. The last day I didn't post anything was the 24th April so I'm pretty proud of myself. Not that blogging every day is particularly important to me, it's just good to know I'm doing something.
A couple of things I wish I'd bought this month, these two zines 1 // 2 and this print, the whole shop is pretty cute actually.

Here I come June. You'd better be awesome.

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