Sunday, 8 June 2014

My New House Plant Is An Oak Tree


I was in the garden doing a spot of weeding and noticed what I at first thought was a little potato on the end of one of the roots. We'd found potatoes in the garden before which is why I just came to that conclusion without really looking and then Will pointed out it was an acorn and we were amazed by the fact I was carrying a little oak tree around with me. Once he pointed it out it was so obvious, I can't believe I didn't notice the leaves.

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I decided to put it in a tin can of mud and see what happens. It's currently sitting on the windowsill in my studio. I wonder if it'll survive. My very own bonsai oak.


I mentioned to Will a while ago that I wanted a curly pond snail shell and today he brought me one home from his run and then oddly I found one while I was weeding. The prettier one on the right is the one Will found for me. Although they're the same size the one I found is a lot thicker.
Also today we picked the first of our strawberries. 4 oddly shaped tasty berries. I know everyone says it but there's always something special about eating something you've grown yourself even if it is tiny and gone instantly.
A pretty good nature based Sunday.

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