Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Polyommatus Icarus

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On Monday I went out for a stroll expecting to just have a quick wander and then get on with some more work but I ended up taking lots of photos and thought I'd spread some of them across a few posts. I was surprised to find these little mushrooms because I always think of mushrooms as being autumnal (even though I know they aren't) but also that the cows hadn't stomped them.

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Even the grass over at the meadow is pretty at the moment.

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I was pretty impressed by this fella. I just looked him up and apparently he's a Common Blue, the most common blue butterfly in the British Isles but I was surprised to see him and thought he was worth chasing around for a photo anyway. The title of this post is his fancy name. Not that I know what it means, maybe that's just Latin for common or something but it seems fancy to me.

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