Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Anti-Social Club ~ Light

The Anti-Social Club ~ Light

I wanted to do something photography based for 'light' seeing as that's what photography essentially is. In the end I went with a light of the day and night diptych thingy.
This has given me such a hankering to make more diptychs. I have all sorts of thoughts buzzing around. I had a nosey around in this flickr group after I'd uploaded my diptych and it's got me all excited. I've been thinking about putting together some sort of photo based zine, maybe diptychs is what would make it more interesting...
Too many thoughts, I'm at risk of thinking about it so much that I don't actually do anything so I'm off to actually do things.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Check out what other people are doing with The Anti-Social Club here or search for the tag #AntiSC or even better, join in. This week is 'shadow', should be interesting ^_^

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