Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Post Birds Castle Visit Part 2


I really like the displays in the museum that show how the taxidermists may have had their work areas. Makes me wish bits of my house looked more like this.

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Will hanging out with a skeletal matey.


There is a piece called FINE by Kate MccGwire in the natural history area of the museum as part of the Birds exhibition. It's quite incredible, made all of feathers lying so perfectly. I, with my limited actual photography knowledge, found the glass case far too reflective for a photo but you can see it here on Kate's website. Even though I didn't get a good image of FINE itself I really like the images I got once I realised I should just concentrate on the reflections and the piece as a whole for the photos.

Untitled Untitled

To end, here's an overheard conversation from this castle visit:
"Are you into collecting anything?"
"No, you?"
"No. I'm into getting good at stuff."

My posts about the Birds exhibit and the first set of photos from after are here and here.

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