Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Wonder of Birds at Norwich Castle

On Wednesday we went to the castle to see the current exhibition The Wonder of Birds. Photography wasn't allowed but I did some sketching and note taking.
It was really interesting and had such a good mix of items from taxidermy to painting to fashion to ceramics, natural history items, all sorts of things. We were in there for a good 2 hours, there's a lot to see.


There was a Katrina van Grouw piece which was nice to see close up. I heard about the book she's been working on a while ago and instantly wanted it so it was a nice surprise to see something from that in real life.
I was really quite taken by the painting French Partridges by Cedric Morris. I thought I'd be able to find it on google but google has failed me. I'll have to just go back to the exhibition and memorise it.


At first I was a little disappointed that most of the taxidermy was up high, above the other pieces being exhibited, so you couldn't get a really close look at them but I quickly fell in love with the idea because it meant you got to see the birds from angles you wouldn't normally and it gave them all a lot of character. They weren't behind glass either which was nice.


The canaries made me laugh so much, I had no idea they sometimes have weird little toupée hair. It was amazing.

Whether you have an interest in all sorts of bird info or you want to have a laugh at a little row of toupée wearing canaries (or both) and you're in Norwich you should go and check it out. It was a really good exhibition and we're hoping to go again before it closes in September.

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