Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sea Palling Part 1


My parents came to visit and for second birthday weekend we spent a day at the beach. It's been years and years since I spent a proper day at the seaside, just hanging out playing with sand, putting my feet in the sea, eating a picnic, looking in rock pools. It was really good and luckily in the middle of all the rain lately we had a wonderfully sunny day with just enough breeze to get bits of sand in your food. Perfect beach weather.

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We went rock pooling and Will found a Hermit crab! It was so cool. We put her in our bucket and showed her off like proud kids then popped her back in the water where she proceeded to wander about climbing a rock (and then rather ungracefully fell over backwards but she recovered quite quickly). We named her Hermione. Hermione the Hermit Crab.

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Will built a pretty good castle. It even got some admiring comments from passers by. It had a moat, a protective wall and a mound for the main castle. Just like a medieval castle town. He was pretty pleased with himself.


When the tide started coming in the two sides of sea started to join where there had been sand and the waves were hitting each other which was pretty cool. Tides are so weird, those rocks in the background were where we were rock pooling and then in the afternoon they seemed so far out in the sea.


I have some more photos to share so there'll be another post with the rest on the way.

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