Monday, 11 August 2014

Sea Palling Part 2


I think I could just hang out near the sea forever.

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This photo of me was taken by Will. I'm pretty good at having my photo taken.

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You can see here how far out the rocks are now. It doesn't look like you could have ever just walked out to them and gone rock pooling. It's weird to think of all the little creatures that spend half their time with almost no water and then half their time completely in the sea.

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I love bird foot prints. At the end of the day when people were leaving more and more seagulls were turning up. I don't know if it was for dropped food or because it wasn't as hot but it made for pretty sand patterns.


By the end of the day Will's magnificent city had started to dry out and crumble which made it look pretty ancient. The ruin suited it quite well.

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It's just not a day at the seaside without a couple of photos of cool signage. I love the seaside, I'd spend all my time there if I could.

The first post is here.

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