Monday, 20 October 2014

Inktober 2014 ~ Days 1 to 11

Inktober 1 to 6

Days 1 to 6

  Inktober 7 to 9

Days 7 to 9

  Inktober 10

Day 10

  Inktober 11

Day 11

In September I'd thought about doing Inktober this year and then a few days into October I realised I hadn't started it and due to my weird little mind this meant I couldn't do it seeing as I wouldn't have the full set. About a week into October I figured I should just do it anyway and learn to cope with the fact there wouldn't be the full 31 days. So I am doing an ink drawing a day for October, I just started on the ninth rather than the first.
It wasn't until day 11 that I found the time to actually sit at a table with a brush. I love inking with a brush and in the back of my mind that is what I was thinking doing Inktober would help me with. Any extra drawing is good though so I'm pleased to have done the pen drawings too. Hopefully I'll get a few more brush drawings done by the end of the month.

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