Monday, 6 October 2014



Oh September, where did you go? September was the month of ruined routines. The main and completely awesome news is that Will got himself a tattoo apprenticeship which is nothing but brilliant. It was really hard work but it paid off and I'm so proud of him. It's odd though, we've gotten pretty used to seeing each other almost all of the time and now he's off out in the world learning to tattoo so we're seeing less of each other and our routines are all screwed up. For all the right reasons of course but it's always tiring to settle into something new. We've both had a pretty hectic month. My to do list just keeps getting bigger and even though I always feel like I'm not getting enough work done I also feel like I'm not doing anything else. Some things never change I guess.
Exciting times ^_^

Things this month:
These Etsy shops are worth a peek: solittletimeco, ChaComLetras, emandsprout, lOll3SHOP
This sushi bag is amazing.
These quilling pieces done by Yulia Brodskaya are amazing.
I love old Victorian photos showing people to be a bit more real than the average photos from the time, there are some pretty good ones here.
The screen grab with this tweet is all kinds of sad lovely.
And to end, here are some new super cute babies at Whipsnade. The red panda, the elephant and the giraffe.

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