Saturday, 10 January 2015

Days 1 - 8 // 365 2015

I was wondering whether to do some sort of 365 project this year and saw Kaylah's post about photo a day projects and felt inspired to have another go. I managed it once before but wasn't all that happy with half of the photos so I'm going to try a bit harder this year. During last year I started taking fewer and fewer photos which definitely needs rectifying and this should help with that.

1/365 // 2015

1 ~ A cosy start to the year.

2/365 // 2015

2 ~ I have a sun catcher hanging in my studio window that hits the room differently throughout the day.

3/365 // 2015

3 ~ Love a bulb photo.

4/365 // 2015

4 ~ The river was doing a pretty fine reflection job while my mum and dad were visiting last weekend.

5/365 // 2015

5 ~ Willliam, friend of pigeons.

6/365 // 2015

6 ~ I held my suncatcher infront of the flash for this shot. I'd been playing with sweet wrappers and my phone camera over christmas and now want to try it with everything. Ugly unicorn courtesy of Will. I love his unicorns so much.

7/365 // 2015

7 ~ My little oak tree is still going strong.

8/365 // 2015

8 ~ This is my 'crap! 365!' sleepy face. I imagine it won't be the last but I ended up liking the photo so it's ok I didn't take any others that day.

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