Sunday, 1 March 2015

Zine ~ This Zine Has No Name Feb '15

This Zine Has No Name feb '15
I spent yesterday putting together a new zine which is something I want to do a lot more of. I'm actually planning to make a new zine every month. Not the same every time, I want a good mix of zine types and to just make them often. I've seen a few ways of folding paper to make zines that I want to try and I'll probably do more like this one that's a mish mash of recent drawings and photos but also some with a particular theme. Anything that pushes me to create more. I'd also like to be brave enough one day to commandeer the photocopier in the library and make some sort of A3 double sided foldey thing. But our library is the busiest in the country (I'm pretty sure) and the photocopier is also the printer for all the computers, so we'll see.

This Zine Has No Name feb '15 This Zine Has No Name feb '15

If you'd like a copy it's listed here: etsy // folksy

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