Sunday, 22 March 2015

March 2015 A Day In The Life Of

March 20th was the solstice and therefore the flickr group 'a day in the life of' day too. I say this every time but I always want to take part and then either forget or just have nothing to take photos of but I tried this time and mostly there is blossom but it's so pretty, so who cares.
 March 2015 DILO

My day started not even knowing where the sun was to see the eclipse. It did get darker though but in a way that just seemed like it was going to rain really hard.

March 2015 DILO

I finished off this custom llamacorn.

March 2015 DILO

Then, knowing the eclipse was long gone, the sun came out so I headed out for a walk

March 2015 DILO March 2015 DILO

And tried to be brave getting close to buzzy dudes.

March 2015 DILO March 2015 DILO March 2015 DILO March 2015 DILO

Spring is properly teasing us this year. I've decided to not wear my winter coat anymore like a stubborn thing but it's actually still pretty cold most of the time. It's sunny and wonderful one minute then grey and gross the next. That's Britain though I guess.

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