Thursday, 16 April 2015

Days 97 - 103 // 365 2015

97/365 // 2015

Day 97 - I love libraries. I love it when people add in the due date even though it's all do it yourself and these pages don't really get used now. Why did this person feel the need to have their book back by 6.30pm?

98/365 // 2015

Day 98 - Sketchbook painting at my desk. Always smudging wet work.

99/365 // 2015

Day 99 - Even Bernard isn't super cute all the time. (Ha! He's actually totally gross most of the time.) I had no idea his mouth was open when I took that photo. It was the best surprise. Such a little monster.

100/365 // 2015

Day 100 - Yolandi wip.

101/365 // 2015

Day 101 - Best at making notes. Also best at accidental pen/cup coordination.

102/365 // 2015

Day 102 - Liking the lichen.

103/365 // 2015

Day 103 - I had taken this photo of the cats I'd made earlier in the day and then got in bed and realised I hadn't actually taken a 365 photo so thought I'd just add my face to this and be done with it. Once I'm in bed, I ain't getting back out but also want the photos to sit nice and landscape on here.

That purple cat is listed here.

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