Sunday, 12 April 2015

Illustration ~ Yolandi


Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord. I love Yolandi she's cute but could (and would) totally beat you up if necessary. She's also all about people being themselves and fighting against the idea that there is one way everybody should be, which I think is pretty important. I'm thinking about making a series of drawings/zine/prints/something of awesome women and thought she was a mighty fine way to start it off.
Here are a few wip shots of the main painting. (I started the inking before I thought to take a picture but you get the idea.) I do rough sketches then work on the lightbox to pencil the final line work onto whatever paper I'll be using, paint then ink. I find if I ink first the paint can sit on top and I like a really black line.


I'd love suggestions of awesome ladies you're a fan of. It's one of many zine ideas I have floating around in my head and I like the idea of having other people suggest their own don't give a fuck ladies so by working on this little project I get to know some new ones and the zine isn't restricted to my limited knowledge of the world! So if you have a lady hero (and I use the word 'lady' as inclusively as possible) who I could google/library search then let me know.

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