Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sketchbook ~ Orange Carrots?

Untitled Untitled

Here's a few pages from the end of my 'free mistake' sketchbook. These first two have some drawings I did by referencing old paintings. I really like drawing from old paintings. It makes for a good mix. These are clearly drawn by me, I didn't try to directly copy the paintings as such, but Will could still tell who the artists were. Maybe Will's just magic.

UntitledUntitled Untitled

I'm finding at the minute that I'm doing some stuff I quite like in my sketchbooks but when I sit down to do a 'proper' piece I can't get anything out. Just pratting about in my sketchbook has no pressure but then thinking I need some actual portfolio type pieces has loads of pressure attached to it. Even though there shouldn't really be a difference. It's all just drawing. What's most annoying about it is I know I'm doing it.

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