Saturday, 2 May 2015

Days 112 - 120 // 365 2015

112/365 // 2015

Day 112 - My new patch/name.

113/365 // 2015

Day 113 - This little bear that hangs out in our garden makes me smile.

114/365 // 2015

Day 114 - I made Will a cake because he works real hard and deserves cake.

115/365 // 2015

Day 115 - Crochet kitty cat, part of a stock request for The Jade Tree.

116/365 // 2015

Day 116 - I'm trying my hand at yoga. I've had various very lame attempts at it in the past but I think I've fallen in love with it this time. I found Yoga with Adriene (she's great) and have been practising the Yoga for Complete Beginners. After a week I went and got myself a mat and my downward dog thanked me for it, no more slippy hands. I've been taking photos so I can see if I'm progressing (but you can't see those, ha!) and I think I already am after only two weeks. I'm really excited about moving on to crazy poses and getting super flexy strong. One step at a time though.

117/365 // 2015

Day 117 - Lightboxing some hang tags on our super dirty about to die lightbox.

118/365 // 2015

Day 118 - Having an open bag of pretzels in the kitchen has been very important to me this week.

119/365 // 2015

Day 119 - Will re-dyed my hair for me and I was very pleased about it.

120/365 // 2015

Day 120 - We celebrated our 9th anniversary by making chocolate/marshmallow popcorn and then eating chocolate/marshmallow popcorn while watching 20,000 Days on Earth and then taking a very sleepy very attractive photo of ourselves.

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