Thursday, 23 July 2015

197 - 203 // 365 2015

197/365 // 2015

Day 197 - We had to move his hutch for a couple of days and then he spent some time being very suspicious of me but he's my friend again now. He couldn't stay away from the neck scratches.

198/365 // 2015

Day 198 - This pumpkin finally had to be thrown out. I like it's crumpled styles but it had a mouldy butt :(

199/365 // 2015

Day 199 - Making granola (and then eating granola) is one of my favourite things.

200/365 // 2015

Day 200 - Working on a birthday card. Also, eep we're in the two hundreds!

201/365 // 2015

Day 201 - Making patches and watching The TanZel Show videos. Will told me about the channel because he knows the people that make it and now I watch it a creepy amount. But nice creepy, not creep creepy.

202/365 // 2015

Day 202 - I always think my aloe vera is going to die and then it starts getting green and growing bits again but I haven't figured out why. Any aloe vera advise welcome. At least, I think it's an aloe vera.

203/365 // 2015 203/365 // 2015

Day 203 - I took my camera outside with me!! It was only a quick trip into the city to do a few chores then back home for more chores but the fact I felt like taking my camera is a good thing. Be pleased with me. Also, it's my birthday soon so I had a quick peek in a couple of charity shops to see if I could find something fancy to wear and all I bought was a jumper which is the opposite of August birthday clothes. I'm too much of an autumn person.

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