Friday, 3 July 2015

Days 174 - 180 // 365 2015

174/365 // 2015

Day 174 - I set myself up to work in the garden so Bernard could have a proper day out but after his initial investigations he just flopped down and stayed where he was.

175/365 // 2015

Day 175 - 50p mug makes breakfast a little fancier.

176/365 // 2015

Day 176 - I feel so boring at the minute. We're both working really hard and have no time (or money) to go do anything. I want to go on some sort of adventure, even if it's only down the road. I haven't even been able to find time for an afternoon in the meadow (wow, looking at the tag I didn't realise how long it had actually been!). It's hard to go do something non work related when I know I have work to do, what with that wonderful luxury of self employment, knowing that if I'm not working I'm not getting paid and when I am working I still might not get paid. Blah. I'm not really complaining, it's better to have lots of work to do than none. Like I said, I just feel boring and that's not the best. I'm living vicariously (and jealously) through Kaylah at the moment, her road trip posts are beautiful.

177/365 // 2015

Day 177 - Creeping on this cutie.

178/365 // 2015

Day 178 - "Don't poke your eyes out." "How did you know how I was going to get the eyes in the right place?" "Because I know you."

179/365 // 2015

Day 179 - We made Bernard a tent of sorts. There's only a few hours a day when the sun is on his hutch but he's too furry for such things.

180/365 // 2015

Day 180 - I finally got that matted bit of nose hair out this morning. Now he's as fancy as can be. This photo is in memory of that nose dreadlock.

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