Sunday, 2 August 2015

204 - 210 // 365 2015

204/365 // 2015

Day 204 - Bernard is very clear about how the flower beds belong to him and him alone.

205/365 // 2015

Day 205 - Blocking isn't something I do much of so I still find it quite fascinating that dunking crochet in water makes it flat and nice.

206/365 // 2015

Day 206 - Castle had pride.

207/365 // 2015

Day 207 - Studio floor.

208/365 // 2015

Day 208 - Reading my camera's instruction manual a bit. Trying to actually learn it. In the background are some huggers that got caught up in a plant fall and I hoovered the mud off so now they're all clean but not quite up to selling quality. I might do a little giveaway with them on instagram (so follow me if you don't already! @vongarratt)

209/365 // 2015

Day 209 - I had too big of a headache to do my own sawing but luckily I have a William who's lovely and helpful.

210/365 // 2015

Day 210 - I cut my fringe. It's on the huh (as they say in Norfolk, I think) on purpose. Asymmetrical (as they say in fancy parts). It's the first time I've cut my fringe and not panicked that it's wrong the next day so *thumbs up*. Also that t shirt is a new addition to my t shirts, £3 xl men's h&m sale. Even pockets on men's t shirts are better than women's. *pocket rage*

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