Friday, 14 August 2015

Birthday! ~ Drawing and Instax


Rainbow instax film is the best thing ever. The first pic is feet at the pick your own farm. The others are from my actual birthday which was basically a day of games. Will got me a PS3 disk that has a load of Mega Drive games on so we played that and then we went to the arcade for Pac-Man air hockey and pool (and a lame attempt at getting a dinosaur out of the 2p machines). I hadn't played pool in years. I really like pool. We were comically bad. The kind of comically bad where it was lucky we were alone because it would have stopped being funny for other people. We got our monies worth. Then we sat by the river and ate Ben and Jerry's and then headed home for more snacks and video games.


Once we were back home I got comfy and stood in the kitchen scraping leftover icing out of the bowl with pretzels. I know how to birthday.


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  1. Looks like fun - love those rainbow frames!