Sunday, 13 September 2015

Clutter City Autumn 2015


Excuse the rubbish photo, I only took a few quick blurry ones. Yesterday was the autumn Clutter City, my first one alone and although I felt pretty anxious and although my wheeley bag fell over on the bus and although I got rained on, it ended up good. It felt a little slower than others I've been to but I think we can blame the rain for that and even so it did get pretty busy at times and I ended up doing really well so thank you to anyone who bought something or even just said something nice. Also thank you to anyone that looks at my table and just laughs or says aw, I take it as a compliment. What other reactions would I want?

I got myself home and died a little bit. Will had also been super busy with doing a miniature painting workshop with a dollhouse and miniatures group he's worked with the past few years (when he arrived they had set up a little display of the paintings they'd done before and got him a little artist bear and it's just the sweetest) so Will went and bought some ready meals (which is so so rare for us, special treat) and we watched Aristocats and had a big sleep. Today I'm going to just pootle about tidying up and getting organised again before marching onward with everything else on my list. I hope you're having a good weekend too ^_^

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