Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Crochet ~ Autumnal Wall Hanging

Autumn Wall Hanging

Excuse my studio mess, although, I think it ended up looking like I did it on purpose as an attempt at styling rather than just squishing the magazine into a space that had some light (and not much of it). Anyway... the new issue of Simply Crochet (number 36) is all autumnal and lovely and I designed a leafy wall hanging for it. It's basically three different leaves and then you can make however many you need to fill the space you want. You don't even have to string them together as a hanging you could put them on anything. A bunch joined stalk to tip might make a nice delicate scarf actually. You could use any colours too.

Autumn Wall Hanging

Let me know if you make anything using my patterns, because I'm nosey. You can let me know all the usual ways, @vongarratt on twitter and instagram or use #beckygarratt or comment here or on facebook or email me, whatever, just feed my noseyness and I'll probably share it too ^_^

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