Thursday, 3 September 2015

September Stalls

I'll be out and about selling my wares two weekends this month and I'm very excited about them both. On the 12th Clutter City is back! There hasn't been one since Christmas and I've missed it. Will is teaching a workshop that day so it'll be my first one alone and I apologise in advance for my extra awkwardness but come, it should be fun if a little anxiety inducing. Plus it's free and there's cake and and a bar so no excuses.
Then, the next weekend, on the 19th I'll have a table at the UEA for the Norfolk Brawds bout which as you may know I rather enjoyed last time. I had to miss one in August so I'm even more eager to be able to attend this one. You can get tickets here.

I'm off to work on my mega to do list so I have lots of stock, including new things, for both. Yay ^_^

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